taking selfies is a lot of work when you’re ugly

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It’s almost like you live to make me hurt & “sorry” is your favorite word.

You’re not worthy of my trust, how can we make this work?

Every time I think of writing our ending, you start treating me like you did that first summer, back when I was pure- you were my first lover.

But now I’m stuck wishing you’d come around more-

But when you do come through, the love poems we write are raw in these sheets so fuck you & the condoms I found in your sock drawer.

Love turns to hate more often than it ends in forever,
which is unfortunate, because I envisioned us married by 30, but that’s just some years away & I know you’re not ready.

I only want what’s best for you, I wish you’d listen to me; but instead you’re high, in between another girl’s thighs with your eyes closed, regretting that she doesn’t feel like me.

Fuck all the bullshit, I’m still in love, I know we’ve made a mess of things but if you’re down, we could clean it up..


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